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Control Room is the most credible source of installers for panel lift garage doors when it comes to installation and repairs. We are the kind of company who doesn’t settle for second best. The technicians we sent out in the field are all professionals and certified to do a great job. It’s because we understand the most vulnerable part of the home is the garage. The kind of garage doors that we install prioritizes your security upon using a panel lift garage doors. Aside from that, the products we install all have the unique, safe designs to guarantee that there will be no finger caught up in between hinges.

We are proud to say that all panel lift garage doors we install have withstood even the extreme climate changes. The durability and reliability of each product and our services remain unmatched. For over a decade, we are still the top choice of the people. We earned the trust of thousands of homeowners who seek our services with our diligent and outstanding work ethic.

Despite the fact that we provide world class service, we still make sure that we are the most affordable firm for your needs. Before Control Room began, we had a bad experience when it comes to garage doors. We’ve been a target of burglars not just once, and there were a lot of problems that occurred to our garage door. It’s because we don’t have enough means to get a new one installed or at least have it repaired. With that being said, we believe that every home deserves a great panel lift garage door for security and convenience.

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Street: 2006 E 7th St
City: Los Angeles
Zip: 90021

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