Eton Bioscience Inc.

Biotechnology in San Diego

Specializing in DNA sequencing and oligo synthesis services nationwide.

Company Overview
At Eton we strive to provide only the best through our high quality and reliable services, customer care and competitive pricing. We understand that by developing and utilizing the latest innovative techniques, sustainable practices, and efficiency, we are on the way to becoming the number one DNA sequencing company in the nation. Taking pride in what we do, we deliver science, not words.

Eton Bioscience Inc. is a biotech company specializing in DNA sequencing and oligo synthesis services nationwide. Founded in 2003 in San Diego, California, we have been providing scientists of both academia and industry with a variety of genomic services and products to assist them in research.

Service Types Available:
-Regular Sequencing
-Difficult Template Sequencing
-Sequencing from Mini Preps
-Direct Sequencing from Colonies
-Primer Walking

Service Benefits:
-Next Day Results
-Long reads up to 1000 bps
-Free Sample Pickup in many areas
-Free Repeats
-Competitive Pricing
-Free Universal Primers

Founding Date

DNA Sequencing, Oligo Synthesis, Maxiprep Service, Fragment Analysis, Primer Walking, Peptide Synthesis, Metabolism Assay Kits, and more

Address & Contact Edit

Street: 5820 Oberlin Dr Ste 100 (7,797.36 mi)
City: San Diego
Zip: CA 92121

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