Hudson City Schools, Ohio

Education in Hudson

Providing an excellent education for all children, preK-12, in a public school setting

Hudson City Schools provides education for 4,600 children, PreK-12, that maximizes the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child in a safe, nurturing, and diverse environment. We rank in the top 2% of Ohio districts, with an 12-year track record of Excellent and Excellent with Distinction ratings. Hudson High School is a 2008 National Blue Ribbon Award Winner. AP programs are ranked as among the top schools in the AP annual rankings. 96% of our students attend four-year colleges. In 2013, 18 students are recognized as National Merit Scholars. We are highly competitive in athletics and have award-winning art and music programs.

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Students well prepared for college and other career choices.

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Street: 2400 Hudson Aurora Rd
City: Hudson
Zip: OH 44236

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