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KinderCare Learning Centers

Education in Dearborn

This is a place for our centers and families to share stories, experiences, and wisdom about caring for the most important people in the world - your kids! For a chance to be featured, email share@kindercare.com
Additional Information
KinderCare's Facebook Guidelines:
As a family friendly organization, we ask that comments and wall posts remain respectful and appropriate. Our Facebook guidelines are designed to help provide a safe environment for our valued community.
Our goal is to protect our students, families, partners, employees and fans. We encourage you to share what’s on your mind but if your post falls into any of the categories below, we will remove it:
Content that is graphic, profane, inappropriate, disruptive or irrelevant.
Indecent, sexually explicit or pornographic material of any kind.
Threats or personal attacks that are abusive, defamatory or derogatory.
Content that consists of harassment of any individual or organization.
Submissions that are discriminatory or that contain hateful speech of any kind.
False, inaccurate, libelous or misleading information.
Comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.
Spam, solicitations or files that contain any kind of virus, malware, spyware or other programs that could cause harm to a user's computer.
Content related to any student or family that does not have written pre-approval.
We recommend that you never post any personal, identifying or confidential information about you or your child.
Please note that the content posted from our community to KinderCare’s Facebook Page does not necessarily reflect the opinions of KinderCare, nor can KinderCare confirm accuracy.
If you have a customer service issue or question regarding one of our centers, please email care@kindercare.com for the fastest path to resolution. If you are an employee in need of immediate assistance, please email employeehotline@klcorp.com.

Address & Contact Edit

Street: 4900 Evergreen Rd,
City: Dearborn
Zip: MI 48128
Phone: 888-525-2780

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