Packages From Home

Non-profit organization in Glendale

Packages From Home sends care packages to deployed American military heroes and facilitates activities that elevate morale of all veterans.

Company Overview
Packages From Home is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization and was founded in 2004 by Kathleen Lewis. To date, Packages From Home has sent over 140,000 care packages to deployed U.S. troops overseas. In 2012, an additional program called Packages For Hope was created to assist our in-need and homeless veterans. You can make a donation and learn more about Packages From Home by calling 623-934-3274 or by visiting us at

General Information

Founding Date

37th Annual Hon Kachina Volunteer Award Recipient - Kathleen Lewis.

2012 Arizona Cardinals Community Quarterback Recipients - Jan Johnson and Judy Hayes.

Make your donation to America's military heroes at

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Street: 5643 N. 52nd Avenue
City: Glendale
Zip: AZ 85301

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